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now at noon, an arrest made at a post-game fight near at&t park, why police say this was not a case of fan rivalry. more work done on the eastern span of the pay bridge but this time it has nothing to do with safety, what they are removing and how much it is execialghted to cost. and camped out overnight, the reason hundreds of parents stood in long lines all for their kid kids. >> ktvu channel 2 news at noon
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starts right now. >> good evening, everybody, i am in for tori campbell, and within the past half hour they evacuated downtown and they tweeted out that warning that said some services are unavailable but some services are not affected. we will bring you more when it becomes available. meanwhile we are learning more about details of a fight outside of at&t park where 1 woman is recovering and another suspect is behind bars and police search for another suspect and we have this report from there and police said this is not a case of fan rivalry. >> reporter: police say this is not a case of fan rivalry or
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people cheering for different teams, but they say a woman is suffering injuries from a punch she suffered in the fight after the game and we were able to track down the witness who said the suspect hit that woman very hard on the chin and she was unconscious and remained unconscious at the hospital, we were just told she was released from the hospital and is doing okay. but after that fight the suspects took off in a truck and police were able to track that truck where they arrested the suspect for that fight but again the search is undersway for his man, they describe him as an african american man,
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weighing 245 pounds and 5'10" and he is in his 20s or 30s and police said he was unprovoked. >> i can tell you this is not based on fan rivalry or anything like that. >> police are reaching out to the public looking for cell phone video or anything else of this fight, if you have information you are asked to contact san francisco police or if you know where this second man is, christina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for that report. and they are supposed to meet today to talk about the lease on the oakland as park,
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they do not want to extend it and raise the fees and they are set for next wednesday on another hearing. and copies of the document will be available for purchase, angela torres is charged with kidnapping and murdering the morgan hill teenager two years ago, her body has never been found, the release of the grand jury transcripts will make public for the first time some of the evidence prosecutors have against torres, ktvu will be getting the transcripts and will have a report tonight at 6:00. there were anxious moments at the oakland airport afternoon someone set fire fire inside one of the terminals forcing evacuations and police arrested a man and took him into custody. >> reporter: the fire alarms
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sounded after the fire was set in this part of the building, and we asked what happened. >> we did not know what happened. >> dave was sleeping in the part of the terminal that was evacuated and he thought it was bombs at first. >> i thought it was bombs, terrorists, but it was not so i am glad it was okay. and i am glad they caught the man. >> witnesses said the man was arrested there and they said he tried to run away on a bus but police caught him before he was able to get away, and the situation has them on edge and witnesses said it was surprising but they are still going. >> it was shocking but i guess anything is possible. right? >> they are still trying to figure out his motive and we
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will have more later. >> and new york state is filing a lawsuit against them, they filed a lawsuit blocking the company hours before it was set to launch in new york city, the suit says it practices open defiance of their insurance laws and other laws, and so far they have not commented. and now a c transit has opened up here downtown. >> we are hoping it will get them to downtown quicker. >> the system will be built there, the mayor says it could use new growth, they are hoping to attract new housing and restaurants and shopping to the area and the mayor also hopes to put more people on public transportation and improve air quality and reduce pollution and it is in phases and
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expected to be completed in 2016. and they are still working on the span of the bay bridge trying to remove particles there that will rust the bay bridge, over time the particles are rusting and turning the bridge orange, according to officials repainting them and removing them is expected to cost over 1 million dollars. cal trans is expanding its plan on the new walking and hiking trail there. it is in danger of losing its funding if it doesn't start soon. many joggers and walkers say they off and on have a tough time getting to the trail and this is designed to make it more accessible, and they will connect those trails. well higher than normal radiation levels have been found under a vacant apartment on the island, the navy started
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testing last month, the navy says the apartment will the elevated levels has been vacant since 2009, the navy will release a report with full details next week and the navy said this is the only place with higher than normal radiation levels. and the president is pushing for more money to deal with the immigration problem, the president is pushing for 10s of millions to help the situation down on the borders, but others have said it is too much as it is and others have said they won't agree without policy changes to speed the children on their return to their home countries. >> the school year is about to start but parents stood outside in line for hours to get backpacks for their children
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and we have this report on why they want what they need. >> she wants the best for her children but that is difficult now that she has been unemployeed for 6 months and she got up early to get free backpacks for her children and register in those lines for school. >> and maybe if i have a job i not in this line but i don't have a job so i have to get in this line. >> they are giving away back backs to help children who need them, they estimate it will be 2500 given away, and the backpack averages 75 dollars and that is tough for a minimum wage worker and she said she has to decide which bills to pay. >> if you have light, electricity, if you don't you cannot cook. >> they say they still need
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school supplies such as pins, pencils and paper and those, they said with those disadvantage children the last thing they need to worry about is school supplies for school. >> i do not get everything i need but i try to not let that hold me back from seeing my future. >> my goal is to my son to go to school and then to college and graduate there. >> they need people to donate things they need, if you would like to drop off a backpack come to our site there or click on at this website and go to information for them. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and we will go to the police headquarters and why they are doing that, and there is a warm
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up on the way, steve paulson will have your forecast as well, and amazon users could be getting a refund, why they are saying they illegal charged them for purchases by their children.
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welcome back, everybody, we continue t follow breaking news
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in oakland where oakland police headquarters has been evacuated because of a gas leak, katie yodis is on scene and what can you tell us right now? >> reporter: brian i just watched another battalion chief with the oakland fire department arrive, it appears they are setting up a command post here, a shot down the street shows you police headquarters at 7th and broadway, i am told by the lieutenant who first tweeted but the gas leak is that someone smelled it at 10:11 and that is when they evacuated the building, and the street has been shut off so it is creating a traffic jam right now, the entire building has been evacuated, however on line and emergency services are still running to the city is not going without coverage, at this point it looks like pg&e has approved however it is unclear if they have been able to get
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into the building, we do know fire is 89 side investigating, it is unclear where the leak is taking place if it is 89 deed a gas like, but i have put in a call to the information officer and they said they will update us soon and we will have it for you when we have it. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for that report. a march is planned in protest of the city's recent wave of community violence, they will hold a walk against gun violence and begin at the church of god holy on a street. a man accused of this week's mass shooting collapsed twice in court today, ron haskell collapsed twice in the courtroom and had to be held up by deputies, prosecutors say he shot 7 family members, and killed 6 of them, the only
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surviver was a 15-year-old girl grazed in the head by a gunshot. >> i said i am so sorry cassidy but everything that has happened but i am glad you are still here with us and she said my mom and dad are in a better place. >> the prosecution said they will charge haskell with six counts of capitol murder. well amazon users could be in line for millions of dollars in refunds, the government says amazon charged them illegally for purchases made by their children. it doesn't have a total amount of charges but wants amazon to give people affected a full refund and make some changes. >> we want to put that money back in consumers pockets and also make sure they cannot engage in practices like this
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in the future. >> amazon already changed its policy to give them permission to make purchases. and they passed a bill to give workers that, it passed with bipartisan support, today congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle said this will help american workers get back on this feet. >> it is very recognition this the american working sector is talent and they will work with thework force to provide training. >> the bill is expected to give them that and will go to the president who is expected to sign it into law. and the immigration fight is not over in the state
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according to them. >> i promise to continue to love you and honor you. >> the appeals court says they are thinking about overturning that law but there is another lower court ruling earlier this week. >> and there is a tropical front there and still fog with hints of sun out west so we are still under low pressure and that is funneling in the wind from there and it is pretty cool but probably maxed out there, there is plenty of shower activity early but pushing after the border but still some that will develop over the sierra nevada mountains today so unusual but there was a big fog bank and
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unbelievable drizzle especially toward mount madonna, and they had 74 on the temperatures, livermore is 75, there it is 74, and running 2 to 4 degrees cooler than yesterday, but it is still warm, and gusts 18 at sfo, northwest livermore so that is a little different pattern and it has been predominantly south and the south bay and west for much of the north bay and east bay, still concord in there, oakland in there, gusts of 28 at fairfield, that is why they are only 78 degrees, still lightning warnings out for there, where the fire is and along the border and things are quiet and the area and i expect them to pop up later, and things quiet there, and again if you are up around truckee
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things should pop up quick around 2:00, las vegas had big boomers yesterday but they are quiet today, except they are hot, and those are your temperatures, 77 up there and that will inject over the weekend and temperatures will warm up, cool to mild to breezy, but a lot of 70s here, temperatures running below average near the coast and bay, they are where they should be this time of the year, the fog will burn off sooner and temperatures will bump up sunday, monday and tuesday and cooler by this time of the end of next week. >> cooler but no chance for rain. >> yeah, well, a little bit but not here. >> okay thank you. >> sure. >> the parking change could
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help drivers avoid tickets, they will have larger screens and will take credit and debit cards as well as coins, and if you pay they will update your traffic on the old meters it would show expired and they will swap them out by the end of next year at a cost of 20 million dollars. and oak land is now looking to update its old transportation system that will run up broadway into the mcarthur bart station. >> and that will be clean and green and not use fossil fuels but would also bring us to the future.
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>> the council is exploring if money is available and if it is it could be available by 2014. and on to sports this morning and the report on lebron james and where he will play next year, and the latest reports indicate he will be playing for the cleveland cavaliers and return to cleveland, james, what grew up near there said what is most important to him now is bringing a championship to the cleveland area and we will have more on that later, and then a report on a man who prosecutors say murdered his wife, more on that after this break.
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welcome back, everybody, we continue t follow breaking news at this hour where the oakland police headquarters has been evacuated because of a gas leak, within the last half hour by hour everyone was told to leave the building at 7th and broadway, according to a public service tweet some services are unavailable due to the like but emergency and on line services are not affected, we will of course continue to bring your more information when it is available. meantime a bear has been put down in tahoe after it has been deemed a threat to the public safety. it showed up at the beach there last week, and fish and
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wildlife officials say it also showed up twice there, it is the first put down because of public safety and 5 were killed last year because of that, wild life officials say more are coming out because of the drought. today a petaluma woman is giving back in a big way to the man who helped save her son's life. her son later died anyway but today she is donating a kidney to the man who is suffering from advanced diabetes. >> and this is giving them back believe, a better believe. >> this is going to bring us even closer together. >> after the first surgery the two families stayed in touch and became close, doctors are performing the surgery today there. a updated plan for wi-fi for schools got the green light, we are looking at which
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schools will get the aid and which schools it will go to and an update on tonight on ktvu channel 2 news, thank you for making us your choice for news at noon, you can always follow us on line and on air at and there and we will have an update this afternoon at 5:00, have a great afternoon, everybody. after people find a dentist through us,
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they often say, "i wish i had done this sooner." don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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